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“Voices of Law”, our inaugural Conference of the Swiss Network for Law and Society, took place on 15 and 16 September at the University of Lausanne. Find a report of the event in the section “Past events“.

2nd Conference of the SNLS: Law and the Anthropocene

Call for Abstracts

The 2nd conference of the Swiss Network for Law and Society will take place from the 10th to the 12th February 2025 at the University of Bern.

The call for abstracts is now available on our website here. And you’ll find the PDF file of the call for abstracts here.

We invite paper/abstract submissions for the panels of the second conference of the Swiss Network for Law and Society (SNLS) “Law and/in the Anthropocene”, that will take place in Bern from 10th to 12th February 2025. In the document “call for abstracts”, you’ll find the panel descriptions. Please send your abstracts of up to 250 words directly to the panel convenors at the email address provided below each panel by September 30th 2024.

You’ll find the PDF file of the call for abstracts here.

The conference will host 16 panels across 4 themes:

  1. Dilemmas of juridification and democratic politics in the Anthropocene
  2. Rules-based governance in the Anthropocene
  3. Critical Perspectives on (New) Rights-Bearing Subjects in the Anthropocene
  4. The Normative and the Empirical in Socio-Legal Research

Panel 1: Rethinking Responsibility: Criminal Law’s Response to the Anthropocene

Panel 2: judicialization of Climate Politics in the Anthropocene

Panel 3: A Restorative City in Switzerland: Bridging Democratic Dialogue and Social Cohesion in the Anthropocene

Panel 4: L’accès à l’information environnementale: un pilier pour l’action citoyenne?

Panel 5: Carbon pricing across borders

Panel 6: Private finance and sustainability transitions: What role for law and legal innovations?

Panel 7: From statuses and precedents to contracts and agreements: environmental conflicts in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

Panel 8: The Law and Politics of Environmental and Climate Lobbying

Panel 9: What climate futures are envisioned by legal and regulatory efforts?

Panel 10: The right of nature as a posthuman care turn in law: feminist perspectives

Panel 11: Territories of Life: Collectivity and Land as (New) Rights-Bearing Subject in the Anthropocene. The Contemporary Challenge of Another Way of Owning

Panel 12: Naviguer les défis de la recherche socio-juridique sur des terrains difficiles: Questionnements méthodologiques, analytiques et épistémologiques

Panel 13: Institutional Archives and Counter-Archives of the Transnational: Perspectives from the anthropology of law and socio-legal studies

Panel 14: An interdisciplinary approach to social and legal pluralities

Panel 15: Conducting law and society research in Switzerland: epistemologies, methods, approaches and contributions

Panel 16: Gaps, Overlaps and Paradoxes between Laws and Realities of Child-Parents Relations

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